Simulator Software: Rise of Flight and IL2 Cliffs of Dover

Vultures Row is a virtual squadron run by fun-loving but dedicated flight sim enthusiasts. We are proud to be one of the oldest squadrons on the Internet. Founded in 2002 our team has formed many deep friendships with like minded aviation fanatics around the globe.

Our pilots currently take to the virtual skies in Rise of Flight and IL2 Cliffs of Dover.  Teamwork and wingman tactics are strongly encouraged in Vulture's Row. We fly both full real cooperative missions and on dogfight servers.

We also run our own dedicated TeamSpeak server.

Full Training Schedule

All new pilots must pass our entry training, conducted by our OCS (Officer Cadet School). The OCS will easily cater for both complete novices and pilots who've been flying for several years.
The lessons themselves include:
  • radio calls
  • traffic patterns
  • energy management
  • naval operations
  • combat maneuvers
  • wingman tactics

The training is brought to you by a dedicated and motivated team, drawing on several years' experience going back to our origins in "Combat Flight Simulator". Currently, the training program is based in Rise of Flight.

"The pilot who knows everything does not or never will exist".

Game Settings

Vulture's Row usually fly with settings as close to "full real" as we can get them. Missions are always full real, whilst casual dogfighting settings are relaxed somewhat.

Code of Conduct (C.O.C)

Our Code of Conduct must be adhered to by all VR pilots regardless of rank or occupation within the Squad.

All applicants must be aged 18 or above.
Vulture's Row reserve the right to change the C.O.C at any time to address certain situations that may arise.

1. Treat all members how you would want to be treated yourself

2. A VR member cannot be a member of another ROF squad. If you are found to be flying for another squadron this will result in discharge from Vulture's Row.

3. No abusive language, politics or racial comments

4. Engaging aircraft on an airbase or runway is not permitted (unless permission is given to do so by your flight commander or mission briefing rules).

5. No cheating of any kind through use of mods or other means.

6. Always stay with your wingman to provide cover where applicable

7. Never join the opposing team, always join VR airbase unless otherwise instructed.

8. Always follow instructions given by your flight leader or squadron superior.

9. Kill stealing will not be tolerated.

10. Never engage allied/axis parachutes.

11. At no time shall bad or offensive language be used on a Teamspeak / ROF chat channel. Many of our members have children at home, please respect that.

12. We have a very good squad website. Use it! All squad news such as training times and special events are to be found on the site.

13. Training sessions are regularly scheduled, if you can't make the training, tell someone.

How do I join?

It couldn't be simpler!
- Make sure you have read, understood and can abide by the Code of Conduct
- Fill out the application form on our recruitment page.
- Await a prompt reply!

I would like to know more....

Any questions you may have can be directed to the Officer Cadet School staff.
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